About First Watch®
Leading Cyber Security Company

A company formed from between CTEK (Australasia's leading automation company) and Waikato University, a top cyber security research university in New Zealand.

Founders include Professor Ryan Ko of the University of Queensland and Bob Stokes, Managing Director of CTEK

Why us?
Point of Difference

First Watch's solution is a "secure process fabric" which overlays the OT network governing all process flows (a series of computer and network events) around the HMIs and PLCs. All events must be authenticated to be able to traverse the network and any process flow without full credentials will be prevented and an alarm generated.

We use a “Zero-Trust” architecture which means we assume that all devices and traffic are suspect and must be authenticated.  As employees and service providers and even elements of plant management move outside the perimeter, this architecture becomes increasingly important and we must increase our virtual perimeter beyond that of the firewall.


First Watch DNA

First Watch® provenance – Automation engineers in OT plus deep cyber security research. We have built our proprietary solution out of this unique mix of skills and experience.

Intellectual Property

First Watch® has several patents pending around its software, the first covering its unique way of handling the flows of real-time data from devices in the OT network.

Deep Cyber Security Research Capability and Links

First Watch Cyber Research Lab

Strong links to University research groups:

University of Waikato
CROW lab (,
WAND group (

University of Queensland
Cyber and the energy research lab set up with First Watch

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Our Partners
Our Partners

With the help of our partners, we are able to deliver our leading Industrial  security solutions and services to our customers.