About First Watch®
Leading Cyber Security Company

First Watch was created with a strategic partnership between CTEK, New Zealand’s leading automation company, and the University of Waikato in New Zealand.  

Our founders include Professor Ryan Ko (University of Queensland) and Bob Stokes (Managing Director of CTEK).

Why us?
Point of Difference

We offer unique solutions which minimize cyber security risks within operational technology (OT) networks, across organizations of all sizes and industries – our approach will give you confidence that your data and systems are always protected.

Our leading software optimizes your network structure, inserting our technology into the system and actively monitoring in real-time. With First Watch, you can trust that your network is secure with visibility and insight into any risks or threats. Our expert team is committed to helping your organization manage digital risks, giving you the tools to succeed.

At First Watch, we use a Zero-Trust architecture – this means we assume all devices and traffic are suspect and must be authenticated. As employees and services providers move outside the perimeter, this architecture becomes increasingly important, and we must increase the virtual perimeter beyond that of a firewall.


Meet us

First Watch
Team Members

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Founder & Managing Director

Bob Stokes
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GM & Product Manager

Matt McMahon
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Professor Ryan Ko
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Co-founder and CTO

Alex Ladur

First Watch DNA

Our team of experts bring together a strong background within automation engineering, operational technology, and cyber security. Our collective mix of skills, knowledge, and experience helped us to develop an innovative solution for cyber security protection.

We are passionate about technology and focused on helping you to ensure the digital risk to your business is secure.

Working Together
Our Partners

Combining our expertise with a range of innovative partners, we work together to successfully deliver leading cyber security solutions and services to our customers.

There are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked, and those that will be.
FBI Director

Our Cyber Security Research Capability

First Watch Cyber Research Lab

We have strong links to research groups:

University of Waikato
CROW (Cyber Security Researchers of Waikato) Lab (

WAND Computer Networks Group (

University of Queensland
Cyber and the energy research lab set up with First Watch